Iconic Slides Online Course by Justin Lee

Iconic Slides Online Course

What Apple’s slide decks teach us about making insanely great presentations

Lessons for making your presentations insanely great

We hear presentation experts talk quite a bit about the story, structure, and speakers’ performances of Apple keynote events, but we rarely hear about the slide decks that support these reality-distorting presentations.

What makes an Apple presentation insanely great is not just the amazing products, the well-structured story, and the performances rehearsed with so much discipline, but also the beautiful, simple, and, dare I say, iconic slides.

I’m here to tell you more about the unsung hero of Apple presentations, the iconic slides. Why is this important?

Because these slides are the final piece of the puzzle to create insanely great presentations like Steve Jobs and Apple.

Tearing down the original iPhone presentation deck

Heralded by some as one of if not the best presentation of the century, the presentation that introduced us to the phone that changed the world is packed with lessons to help us revolutionize our presentations.

I’ve decided to do a tear down of these presentation slides. I rewatched the presentation many times paying close attention to the slides.

What I’ve discovered are lessons that will one-up your slides and make your presentations more engaging and persuasive. These lessons are timeless and very much still in play in presentations Apple makes today if you look for it.

An invitation to better presentations

Join me in tearing down the slides of the original iPhone presentation by former Apple CEO Steve Jobs from the lens of slide design. Referencing the presentation and its slide deck in meticulous detail, I will show you lessons that  help you make your own presentations insanely great. 

You will learn the essential rules to:
  1. Make your slides look great.
  2. Make your presentations easier to understand.
  3. Make your presentations more engaging. 
As a business consultant making countless slide decks for the past two decades, presentations from Apple has taught me the foundation of crafting presentations. I’m excited to codify them into timeless rules to share with you.

If you love all things Apple and you want to give persuasive presentations, I think you’re going to find  this course  fun and helpful.  Hope to see you inside. 

What's included?

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What to expect
Lesson 1: Use colors with intent, use colors with consistency.
Use colors with intent, use colors with consistency.
Lesson 2: Animate things in when you talk about them.
Animate things in when you talk about them
Lesson 3: Drop the bullets.
Drop the bullets.
Lesson 4: Make it symmetrical.
Make it symmetrical.
Lesson 5: Make a Mad Lib and use it twice!
Make a Mad Lib and use it twice!
Lesson 6: Bring your audience into the presentation.
Bring your audience into the presentation.
This is a day I’ve been looking for two and half years. Every once in a while a revolutionary product comes along that changes everything... Apple has been very fortunate. It’s been able to introduce a few of these in to the world. 
Steve Jobs