Purpose Stories: How Great Companies Discovered Their Why by Justin Lee

Purpose Stories: How Great Companies Discovered Their Why

How Great Companies Discovered Their Purpose

It turns out like individuals most great teams and companies didn’t really discover their purpose till further down the road. 

How do teams and companies discover their purpose? That is what this short eBook is about. 
In the first half of this book we will take a look at how the following companies (re)discover their purpose. 
The companies I’ll be going over include: 
  • Ford
  • Nick’s Pizza & Pub
  • Chick-fil-A
  • REI
  • Google
In the second half of this book I focus on core values, the tenets of building a culture that points you to the purpose. Join me in taking a look at the core values of:
  • Warby Parker
  • Sir Kensington
  • Zappo’s
I wrap on with tips on how you can define and refine your own core values.

If you're interested in clarifying your team's purpose and core values, I think these case studies are going to insightful. 

About The Author

Justin Lee is a management consultant with experience at PwC.

He has been helping brands, companies, and teams around the world clarify their purpose and develop purpose-driven strategies for the past decade. Having been featured in business publications, he speaks regularly at companies and universities about business purpose.

Previously he worked as a baker in Paris and Tokyo. He collects recipe books and currently lives in Tokyo and Los Angeles.

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